I Didn’t Forget Day 62-71

I have been slacking on my blog. I have been busy with school, kids, and life. So here is a massive update on my 100 days of creativity challenge.

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I recently have purchased a massive amount of vinyl 45s to finish this challenge up. I am enjoying the challenge. But it is a challenge. I have learned along the way and as an artist have grown in this period of time. Bring it on!

Day 56-61

My 100 days of creativity challenge…

I really am starting to find my place. I  love my experience so far with digital and fractal art. I started the challenge with trying to do painting as the medium only. Honestly, I paint almost every day so it wasn’t a challenge. I have always admired digital art that seems impossible. Guess what? I am doing the impossible art!

So far the challenge has:

  • help me step out of my comfort zone
  • create new possibilities
  • allowed me to explore
  • made me become organized. (there are days where I just want to drink wine and watch films or sleep)
  • lead me to future projects to explore
  • and make creativity a habit

Have you done any challenges for 7, 21, or 100 days? What were they? What was your experience?

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Day 48-55

100 Days of Creativity

I have been into digital art lately. Which is nice since I’m going to school for graphic/web design. I have found a few programs that I am experimenting with. Adobe doesn’t have a fractal program that I know of. I am really loving the results. It takes me to another world which I can get lost in.

Which one is your favorite?

Day 44-47

100 days of creativity challenge

Although I kind of lost the music bit of the challenge. Basically I am always listening to music of all sorts. Look me up on Spotify  .I have lost the organization of writing down what I’m listening to. But keep in mind I always have my headphones on. Music powers my soul. I couldn’t live without it. Just like I couldn’t breathe without art.

Day 44


Day 45


Day 46


Day 47


Day 38-43

The weekly paintings of the 100 day challenge are in. As you can see I have been experimenting with new mediums and techniques to create amazing chaos. All paintings are done with acrylic paint. I have been mixing WD40, dish soap, and silicone to see what flows out.

Next week I may do abstract in digital forms on my computer. I have many programs to play with. I have recently been into fractal art. Maybe.Just maybe. I just love to paint.  Have a great weekend!  Peace!

Music that fuels the soul

Day 32-37

100 Day of Creativity Challenge

Honestly, I felt very unproductive this week. To create everyday is not the challenge. I am constantly creating and having new ideas pop in my head. I wish I could keep up with all creative thoughts I have. I would love to just lock myself up in my art space and live there for weeks at a time. That being said I cannot. I am a mother. I am a college student. I am kinda responsible and stuff.

The challenge for me is creating every day specifically to painting to the music. In fact, I thought of giving up and throwing in the towel. I mean how many people actually give a shit if I finish this project?

I Do!

I have failed many times in my life. I have quit too soon before finishing to see my potential. I could list the excuses for why I was distracted or unmotivated but what good will that do?

Instead I will discuss why I chose not to give up.

  1. I love music and have discovered new loves in the project (thanks Spotify) 100 days of creativity playlist
  2. The act of sitting down and listening to music is very peaceful. It has alter my mood on some crazy ass days.
  3. Inspiration. I have grown as an artist using new techniques and mediums. Pieces I have produced in this challenge has inspired me for future projects.
  4. It’s a freaking challenge! It’s hard for a reason. So don’t give up just because there is a bump in the road.



Day 24-31

Hey beautiful!

What a wonderful week filled with great music and amazing creations!

100 days creativity music

I have created a playlist of all the songs I have painted to. ^^Yummy list. Check out the creations that go with the song below.

Listen to the song and look the the paintings. Can you feel the colors? Can you taste the emotions flowing through your body? What would you paint to that particular song?