Always Changing

There is no state of final fulfillment. Each change opens new doors and ushers in new possibilities. (Margo Adair)

Life is always changing. When you think you have found your “thing” it’s really just a door that leads you into another path.

I am currently in transition in my life. I have open up so many doors in the last year. Which has lead my down a great path. But I am continuing to search in my journey. I feel this website will be transitioning in my journey too.

I started WordPress hoping to sell art. Instead I have found myself changing in artistic directions to illustrations and flow art on vinyl records. So many changes. My goals are much the same but flowing another way. Yes! I’m in my 30’s and I still don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. But that’s life. This is my life.

Stay tuned the website will be updated over the next few weeks and I may sell my vinyls at Squarespace. But I will still try to post once a week.


Coming soon (1)

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