Screw Ups / Fix Ups

First of all it’s very important to listen to this song. While you read this or sometime today.

I have screwed up. I created something amazing. Guess what? It didn’t feel complete. I needed to do more. So I went back to work and the studio. Below is my results so far. Still not feeling it. I can do more. I can create more. I’m not finished yet!

I was upset for a few days for possibly destroying something that could never be remade. After deep thought and money spent. I decided to try again . After all, I’m still breathing, have a roof over my head, and well….the passion is still alive.

I will not suppress my passions. I will not give up. Practice makes perfect. 

I can’t believe I am sharing with you my mess. My messy space.

Here is the result of my hope. I like how it looks. A few cracks happened when drying but I know why. Tonight I start again. I am playing with old 45s and using canvases as usual. (No classics will be harmed in the making) What do you think?

I will not stop creating. I will find a way. This is my purpose, my passion.

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