Dream. Dream. Don’t stop. Ever!

20170314_143605 Dream in colors. Live your art.

My friend took a picture of me …….while I was sleeping….in class. As you can see above I sketched that very picture. The drawling was done for a class assignment my senior year. Everything was so different then. Of course, now I have bills to pay and a few kids to care for, but I feel like I am still that very same person. The carefree, live for art, sensitive, free spirit, and go with the flow person.

Do we completely change when we become adults? Or do we bottle up that freedom, individuality, and anarchy because we are told to?

I put my life on hold for many years to try to figure out this crazy world. Only to be rerouted back to my original place. You may have heard others tell you to enjoy high school while you can. I did have a great time in high school but also a lot of shitty times. But that is life. I feel so happy in the skin I wear today. I feel so happy and comfortable with who I am today than back then. I still carry the same elements and believes but I am more confident in my own shoes.

One thing may be true: the older you get the less fucks you give.

How have you changed in the last few years?

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