Out of Wine

Happy Wine Wednesday! Maybe some of you celebrate this hump day while others may just be wishing for Friday. I am currently out of wine so I will not be celebrating. No worries. Another great past time is creating. As you probably realized I love to paint. Recently, my mind has started exploring other wonders of the creative world.

Once you allow yourself to be creative more doors open automatically  and a whole world is exposed!

A few years ago, I decided to focus on me. I quit a stressful job to return to college. It was a difficult decision but I do not regret it for one minute. After that tough beginning, I started to find my true self underneath all the “have tos” and “what do others want from me” to become a creative person and happy human.

Lately, I have been into digital art, fractal art, and now creating music. These mediums are still new to me. I have shared a few pieces via Instagram. I hope to grow as a artist in these platforms and show awesomeness on the website. Will I get paid for this? Most likely no. In fact my major is graphic design. But why die having no passions? Or reason for being here on earth?

Hobbies are not hobbies. We pursue them for a reason!

What are your current projects?

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