Hump Day


When you are a person who is unique and amazing others may be afraid to accept your awesomeness. Is this because you are horrible? No! In fact from what I have learned it is because others are afraid. Afraid to stand out or take a chance. It takes courage to be yourself or show your colors. Why? Because there are some out in this world that will judge you, laugh at you, and even perhaps do other cruel things. Well, I hope not.

We can not be afraid to be ourselves! At times we may feel alone because others don’t get us. Unfortunately, this is part of life. If we are to be creative, free, unique, amazing nerdy, or stand out we will be an outsider. Sometimes we even feel left out within are own tribe.

We cannot let this discourage us! Everyone has a special spark that needs to shine. If we let that spark die out than where would we be?

I say be free! Let your spark grown into a beautiful fireball. Fuck what others think! Show your colors!



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