Stop Adulting

Happy President’s Day! Some of you may have the day off while others may have to go back to the grind of daily living. Whatever the situation,  I want to remind you to have fun!

Stop Adulting!


Yes, we all have responsibilities that need to be taken care of. But can we do that in a way that doesn’t kill us? Can we live a life that embraces laughter? Can we go to our 9-5 job without damping our spirits? Can we handle day to day tasks without be so damn serious? If the answer is no than something needs to be changed.

If you can laugh, play, and be flexible to any situation or task than life will not seem so miserable. We all tend to believe that Mondays are rough because we have to go back to work, school, or wherever. If we are not living our passion than, yes, Mondays can be hell. I was there almost a year ago.

Bottom line: We can still be grownups and embrace that inner 8-year-old. Remember? The child that enjoyed climbing trees, coloring, and daydreaming. We can still be that free spirit.

If you are in an undesirable life situation that doesn’t let you embrace your inner child or spirit. You need to start to explore the idea of making some adjustments. Life is short! Go have some fun and play hopscotch. Or drink some scotch. Live!

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