Laugh at Yourself

You have to laugh at yourself! Take a moment now and think about the last week. What goofy things did you do? Did you laugh? Did you play? Did you dance in the rain? Why the hell not?


If we are constantly in serious mode what the hell is the point? Yes we have to go to school, work, or whatever needs to be done. But right now at this moment you deserve to laugh. You deserve to dance and feel like a eight year old again!

Laugh at the fact that you may not achieve your goals this year. Laugh because you don’t want to cry. Laugh at where you used to be in life.

I went through my art canvas recently and realized that I have grown so much as an artist. The current art that I am making is way different than what I was doing in November. I laugh because life is continuing to change me and that is influencing my art on a day to day basis. I decided to start selling my art within the last few months. I starting to become dead serious about marketing and creating. That fuck me up! I laugh because the joy I wish to share with others needs to be good, happy jujus not serious marketing vibes. I will continue to follow the path I believe is right for me . If others decided to join my good vibe tribe along the process. Hell Yeah! But I have decided to laugh at myself, the process, life, and what the world expects of me. I choose to show my true self only!

So today I encourage you to laugh. I understand if it’s hard because life can throw use some hard ass curve balls. But at least try.




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