Day 32-37

100 Day of Creativity Challenge

Honestly, I felt very unproductive this week. To create everyday is not the challenge. I am constantly creating and having new ideas pop in my head. I wish I could keep up with all creative thoughts I have. I would love to just lock myself up in my art space and live there for weeks at a time. That being said I cannot. I am a mother. I am a college student. I am kinda responsible and stuff.

The challenge for me is creating every day specifically to painting to the music. In fact, I thought of giving up and throwing in the towel. I mean how many people actually give a shit if I finish this project?

I Do!

I have failed many times in my life. I have quit too soon before finishing to see my potential. I could list the excuses for why I was distracted or unmotivated but what good will that do?

Instead I will discuss why I chose not to give up.

  1. I love music and have discovered new loves in the project (thanks Spotify) 100 days of creativity playlist
  2. The act of sitting down and listening to music is very peaceful. It has alter my mood on some crazy ass days.
  3. Inspiration. I have grown as an artist using new techniques and mediums. Pieces I have produced in this challenge has inspired me for future projects.
  4. It’s a freaking challenge! It’s hard for a reason. So don’t give up just because there is a bump in the road.



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