Mad Scientist


I am feeling a bit like a mad scientist these days. Such an experience can only be done when you play with new mediums with the passion to create something amazing. With much seriousness, I have been creating new textures and images. I put forth my focus towards the canvas and think how can I make this awesome? Or what can I use beside the typical craft supplies?

Such A thinking process can be dangerous. I mean Victor Frankenstein didn’t mean to create a monster. Shit just happened. Mr. Frankenstein had pure heart and love for the craft when he when to work in his laboratory. And then ….well… know.

My creations from last night.^^^

Currently, I am simply in the experimental process. Mixing paint with random mediums and seeing what works. As you can see the process last night was a bit lumpy or too thin. I have recently returned from the store with more product see what I can do next.

I hope to create my own Frankenstein soon.

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