Snow Moon Brings Change


This weekend we experienced a full moon called a Snow moon. Although, I am not completely knowledgeable of the history of the snow moon nor do I have much information about how the snow moon was supposed to affect us. What I do know is this.

The weekend of the Snow Moon brought me closer to my  true north!

I have been struggling recently with my creative direction. Yes, I enjoy creating abstract art and I am continuing to do so. But there was something missing. There was a puzzle piece lost.

So I took a break from painting this weekend. I worked on a Mandela, a few actually. I have always love Mandela’s, henna designs, and other “tribal” art forms. I use the word tribal because that’s how I feel is the best way to describe those type of designs.

Creating Mandalas was just a seed planted of my work in progress. I enjoy creating Mandalas but that wasn’t the missing piece. It was a seed that had me searching for more. In my search I found where I needed to be.

In fact, I believe in the next few months my work will change dramatically as I experiment with new mediums.

A few inspirations works from amazing unknown artists below (found on Pinterest)

These wonderful works are dazzling and bring one into an almost trance state. In a world filled with so much hate I keep asking myself how can I communicate peace through art. How can I help change the future? This maybe another beginning to another beginning of something amazing. I am truly excited to get started and be where I need to be.

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