Hello there! How has your day been? Can you name one amazing thing that happen to you today? Don’t worry too much if your day has been off to a rough start or down right shitty. Perhaps the best part of your day is when that stranger held the door open for you. Or maybe it was when you accidentally slept in. It’s the small things that really do count.

I want you do me a favor. Can you rub the palm of your hands together for about a minute? Go on now. Can you feel the heat that you just created?


That is magick. There is magick that lives within us. Do you know what this means? We have the power to change. We have the power to make our day go from rainy to sunshine. After all we all have a little stardust within us.

Currently our world has many hateful happenings. It’s unavoidable not to get worked up and angry over the news. Or what’s happening within our city, towns, neighbors, or families.

Whether you an artist, a creative person, or someone who just gives a fuck we can do something. Changing the world is a big task at hand. But perhaps if we look within, we can use our  magick to create something magnificent and produce more power than words can. Do you believe in yourself?

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