Where Is My Mind

Where Is My Mind

Music by Pixies

Sorry if this a repeat song for the 100 day challenge. Spotify randomly chose this song for me. It’s hard to skip an awesome song such as this!

Where Is My Mind? Generally, the feeling I had all weekend. Lost in thought. Moving slowly through life.

My process that I have been doing for this challenge so far is feeling the vibe or energy the song sends me. Once I have that picked up I let the paint do it’s magic.

This week I am focusing on finger painting and getting messy. Another challenge within itself. It’s good to open your mind to looking at new perspectives or a new way of doing things. I remember when I was younger I had this obsession of drawing little tornadoes on every paper I had. Finger painting brought memories of that tornado experiences. It was a good feeling of being unneat and having controlled chaos. Why must we hide all of that loveliness? Can we embrace our imperfections instead?

We are all creative and capable of amazing things. When you are a child you have no fear of what others think so creativity comes natural. As an adult we lose that and become self conscious of what others think. Why must this happen?

Where Is My Mind


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