Leaking Affection

Perhaps you already practice acts of self-love or self care. I have slowly learn to love myself over years and years. I am a mother of 3 daughters and would like for them to grow confident and full of love. For that to happen, I have to start the acts of love for myself first. The rest will slowly trickle down to my family, friends, and those who surround me. That’s why I created this collection to share the love, share the good ju-ju, and share my experiences. (Oh…… by the way…..If you like what you see i’m having a sale now to the end of February. Art should be affordable)

So on the journey to loving yourself….


You know you deserve this, right? You deserve to be happy! You deserve to be loved! You deserve to take time for YOU

I am sending you virtual good vibes right now
Good Fucking Vibes


Please take advantage of them

Just remember: Self love takes time. How hard it can be to change the scars that have been made already, break the basis of the culture you grew up in, and vanish the pain that causes so much hate.

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