100 Days Of Creativity

I recently have been inspired by an article from Mind Body Green to challenge myself to create for 100 days. Basically, you choose what platform of creativity you would like to play with such as paint, sketching, markers, crayons, mud, or all the above. Once you have decided what direction or theme you would like to work towards start creating and posting to Instagram for 100 days. #100daysofcreativitychallenge

I love the idea of the challenge so I’m all on board.


What makes my 100 days of creativity challenge unique?

I have always been a bit of a rebel. I can start an exercise program and bail in a week. I just don’t like having a plan neatly laid out. Life is messy. Life should be messy! So I have added some extra motivation to MY challenge. I will be putting my Spotify music on random and painting to whatever song pop ups. I have a very eclectic interest in music. Songs vary from rock , pop, indie, punk, and EDM.  Painting to music is very empowering. Music can change moods and create happiness. I hope to use the music to flow out of my brush and onto the canvas with yummy goodness.

My playlist    <<<<< Songs I have listen to so for in the challenge



Week 1 done complete


Stay updated on my progress through this blog or instagram



I am not selling my paint to the music art pieces as of now. If you are interested just send me an email though.

Other work can be found Here

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